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Vale Graham Davey


The Trafalgar community is in shock with the sudden loss of a well-respected icon of the community.
Most will remember Graham from his time as the owner of Traf Men’s and Boys Wear alongside his wife Maria. Graham operated this business for 33 years, only selling up and retiring around four years ago. Graham also established the Trafalgar Laundromat which he only recently sold.

There would not be many young athletes in town who didn’t receive an award donated by Graham and his wife. Their generosity to local sports and charities extended well past the boundaries of Trafalgar.
His dedication and passion for the local community was an inspiration to those around him.
Graeme’s efforts with the Trafalgar Chamber earned him a life membership which was acknowledgement for the years of work Graham put into the community.

Graham was a dedicated supporter of the Trafalgar Football club while some years supporting Warragul when his son was playing there. He was a one-eyed St Kilda member and an incredibly passionate supporter. Passion is a word that keeps appearing as we remember Graham, whether it be in business, sport or community but is particularly so with his family.

Graham’s passing will leave a void in our community and in the lives of many but none more than his family. A loving husband, father and grandfather.

Graham is survived by his wife Maria, children Ryan and Michelle, sister Shirl, brother Ian and their families.

(Tribute by Brendan Kingwill)