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Puppy School Graduates


In late February, Dr Kerrie Piper congratulated her newest puppy school graduates: Rip, Argus, Douglas, Luna and Marshall!

These pups and their owners had worked hard over five weeks building their bonds and learning how to sit, drop, stand, stay and come; amongst many other tricks. In between all the learning, there was also plenty of safe socialisation and play, and certainly plenty of happy wags and adorable moments to cherish.

All puppies passed a final exam with flying colours, prior to receiving their own personalised graduation certificate. Witnessing puppies blossom into confident companions is truly rewarding, and Dr Kerrie Piper was thrilled to be able to be a part of this journey.

The first few weeks of a puppy’s life is an important developmental period. It is a great time for your puppy to get to know other dogs and other people, and be exposed to different experiences in a positive and safe manner.

Our puppy school is suitable for both first-time owners and experienced owners alike. Dr Kerrie Piper brings with her a lifetime of experience training dogs, cats (and other critters too), as well as her extensive knowledge in veterinary medicine and behaviour as an experienced veterinarian with further qualifications in veterinary behaviour.

Dr Kerrie runs classes regularly but chooses to keep class sizes small and intimate to allow each pup to shine. This means that classes and waiting lists can fill up quickly, so if you are thinking of getting a new pup, don’t hesitate to contact us about our puppy class.