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Prospective councillors line up for Baw Baw Shire elections

Baw Baw Shire Council elections will occur in November and eligible voters get to decide who represents them for the next four years.  There are three wards in Baw Baw Shire and each ward has three councillors. Traf District News understands that at least three current councillors across the shire will not recontest and any councillor hoping for another term must take their chances in the ballot, the same as any new prospective councillors.  The prospective candidates in the picture below are Wayne Newton (East Ward), Suzanne Allen (Central Ward), Ric Nicolson (East), Paul Christian (East) and Leni Teng (East). Missing from this photo is Stephanie Mirams (East) and several other candidates will join shortly.  Trafalgar, Yarragon and surrounds fall into East Ward which is currently represented by Councillors Peter Kostos, Michael Leaney and Darren Wallace.
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Erica Preschool saved after last-minute agreement

Erica Preschool will continue to run its kindergarten service in 2025.  An arrangement was reached between the Early Years Manager (EYM), YKinders, and the Department of Education to continue the Erica Preschool kindergarten service. 
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Another busy football, netball season

MUCH has been happening at Trafalgar Football-Netball Club.  Teams have been moving through the season, which is now right into the throws of winter.  The Waterloo Shield was recently retained over old foe Yarragon. 
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Mental Health Run

Jason Rantall understands mental illness. At age fourteen he started drinking in a desperate effort to find relief from his pain and continued on this destructive path up until the age of forty-four. In that time he was diagnosed with OCD, bi-polar disorder, psychosis, depression, anxiety and more. A real and painful cocktail of illness.  Over the past seven years Jason has transformed his life from barely surviving to flourishing. Jason fought demons for a very long time and is now incredibly healthy, fit and well and is about to embark on an amazing run to help others.
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Gardening – Apples

Apple species can be traced to Tian Shan, a region of Kazakhstan; an independent nation bordering China. There are approximately 30 species to the Malus genus belonging to the Rosaceae family. Our common apple - Malus domestica, has evolved by cultivating and domesticating Malus sylvestris – the crab apple and its biological parent Malus sieversii.
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Police Report

King's birthday long weekend traffic operation.  Operation Regal commenced Friday June 7 for the King’s Birthday long weekend and was a critical focus for all police.  Across Victoria 122 lives have been lost on our roads this year, with 47 of them in Eastern Region. Additionally, many, many more people have been seriously injured.  Every life lost or serious injury incurred is a tragedy and has a huge impact on the health and wellbeing of our community, especially the families and friends of those lost; and to our police colleagues who respond to and deal with the trauma.
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