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Planning for Trafalgar’s future

Baw Baw Council is making quite an effort to encourage Trafalgar residents to have a say in the future structure and development of the town. We have heard complaints that the public generally have little say or input but this was not the case last month. Staff from the Council planning division, along with staff from Tract Consultants, conducted two drop-in sessions at the Community Hall on May 9 and a follow up public meeting the next day. A total of seven staff were in attendance to listen and to field questions. There were fifty-nine sticky notes containing ideas and suggestions placed by the public on the various maps and charts from the two drop-in sessions. Each of those sticky notes represented an idea from a member of the public and every one will be considered in the draft planning process.
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South Gippsland’s Corner Inlet could be under threat from toxic waste

Friends of The Earth Australia (FoE) – a non-governmental organisation advocating for social and environmental issues – reported that Esso is planning to build a massive, toxic, industrial dump in the middle of a United Nations-listed wetland on the eastern side of Corner Inlet on Victoria’s Gippsland Coast.
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Celebrating cricket

TRAFALGAR Cricket Club held its presentation night recently. Players, families and supporters gathered to celebrate what was a jam-packed 2023/24 season. The 2023/24 season saw plenty of action on and off the field, most notably the Ships moving back to the Warragul District Cricket Association. The move was overwhelmingly positive, and resulted in the club experiencing its best senior registration in living memory. The club went into the season entering three senior teams, but numbers ended up being so strong there was often weeks with enough to field close to four sides.
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Companion Planting

A concise definition of companion planting is where two or more plants grow in symbiotic (harmonious) relationship. Correctly grouping plants requires planning and good research. To learn and understand their unique characteristics helps to create a beautiful healthy garden for all to admire. As gardeners our reasons to companion vary.
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Logging Perspective

When Victoria shut down the native timber industry on January 1 last year it was seen as a great victory for the environment. A long campaign had been waged on behalf of the endangered Leadbeater's Possum. Government listened and the harvesting of native timber was stopped abruptly throughout Victoria, seven years earlier than expected. There are many factors threatening the possum, including urban development, infrastructure (roads etc) farming and pests but forestry was singled out.
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Welcome to our first photography section and if there is enough interest from our readers it will become a regular feature. Are you a keen photographer or do you know one? If so, we would welcome images for the next issue. If this page kicks off, Traf District News will be happy to organise photographic outings, events and exhibitions and we will do what we can to encourage photography as a fun hobby. We realise that newsprint is not the ideal medium for photographs so again, if this page continues, we will consider printing a selection of good images into a glossy book.
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Trafalgar Veterinary Centre

Your family’s veterinarians for all of life’s ups and downs. Trafalgar Veterinary Centre has been locally owned and operated since it was first established in 1949.

Simon James Plumbing

Service and carbon monoxide testing. Taps, toilets, hot water systems and all your general plumbing needs.

Trafalgar Tyre Service

Our skilled technicians will help you with our fast on-site service and our comprehensive in-shop equipment. Get in touch with us when you need tyre service.

Strzelecki Realty

Come in and see husband and wife team Aaron and Tanya Megaw. We use the latest technology to get the best results for our clients.

Community Bank Trafalgar & District

When you bank with Community Bank Trafalgar & District you make a difference in your community. Feel good about who you bank with.