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Trafalgar clinch mid-week pennant championship


In a big win against Churchill the Traf Bowls teams took the Division 3 grand final by two shots.

With only Carol Fox’s rink left to play, Trafalgar was in the lead 56-53. Churchill had one shot up. Carol pocketed her last bowl giving Trafalgar a fantastic two-shot victory.

TRAFALGAR (2) 56/12 defeated CHURCHILL 54/4

After 16 ends the overall score was Trafalgar 41, Churchill 40

Lyn Hill, Peter Watson, Rob Connell, Gill Creighton’s rink got a slow start and was down 10-2 at the 8th end. From here on in Trafalgar fought back out scoring Churchill 9-8 going down 11-18.

Carol Fox, Greg Sephton, Rob Matthews, Helen Brodie’s rink it was a real battle, the lead changing on 7 occasions. It was 20 all on the 18th end. Churchill scored 3&4, to be up 27-20 needing a 4 to win the match. Carols team kept their cool, holding the opposition to a 1 for a 2 shot Grand Final Victory .

Margaret Moss, Graham Hill, Rena Spark, Ed Davies’s rink had a “Great Day Out” and led all day allowing the opposition to score on only 6 ends for a massive 25-8 victory.