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Thank you!


Welcome to the second issue of the Traf District News and the small production team who put this paper together are genuinely surprised at the response we have had from our readers.

Dozens and dozens of people have approached me personally to thank us for bringing the paper back to life. It clearly filled a need and It was clearly missed.

If we can serve a real purpose and continue the work that Mick Bourke and others began more than twenty years ago, it is well worth all the hard work that it takes to produce a newspaper.

We hand-delivered more than three thousand copies to letterboxes in Traf, Yarragon, Thorpdale Willow Grove and many rural letterboxes. Hundreds and hundreds of copies have been placed in retail outlets and they disappear from some businesses almost as soon as we place them. The paper is being read.
Our part of Gippsland is a major producer of farming, forestry and energy and all three are under some form of threat. In this issue we look at those issues – and we will continue to do so because they are important to all of us.

There are questions to be asked and that may raise controversy, but debate is healthy. You may disagree with us and if you do, please say so. Letters to this paper are welcome, as are general editorial contributions. This is a community paper and that means you have an outlet if you have something to say.

To our advertisers we offer a huge ‘Thank You’ because without you this paper would not exist. Your generosity is providing a vital community service.

To our readers, please re-read the previous paragraph. Local businesses are funding this newspaper, so wherever you can, please support them and this paper will continue.