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Templeton tradition continues


When Noah Templeton began school this year at St Joseph’s Primary School, Trafalgar, he was the fifth generation of his family to walk through the school gates.

So it was appropriate for Noah to give great-grandmother Kerin Templeton a sneak peak of his school uniform, given she too completed her primary education at the school.

Kerin (nee Kenny), and siblings Suzanne and Martin were second generation students at the Catholic primary school, built on land donated by their great-grandfather, Patrick Kenny.

Little did she realise at the time, it would be a tradition carried on through the next three generations of her family.

Kerin’s six children attended St Joseph’s, followed by six of her 11 grandchildren.

Almost 80 years after her school days at St Joseph’s, Kerin proudly watched Noah pull on the St Joseph’s uniform as the first great-grandchild and fifth generation of the Templeton/Kenny families to attend the school.

While Kerin enjoyed what she said was an “historic moment,” Noah was focussed on the excitement of his first day at school, with new uniform, new shoes, new bag and new friends to be made.

Source: Warragul Gazette

Photo caption: Prep student Noah Templeton was the fifth generation of his family to start school at St Joseph’s Trafalgar, and was keen to show off his school uniform to three of the generations before him, including great-grandmother Kerin Templeton and (back) his dad Bryce Templeton and pop Paul Templeton