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New Probus member


Last month, Trafalgar District Probus Club welcomed a new member, Judy Bishop, to its ranks.

Then on the same day, as a first for our club, Judy also acted as our guest speaker.

Judy’s life has been filled with adventures.

In 2020, at the beginning of COVID, she returned to Australia after spending 12 years teaching in a very new international school in Dubai. Her beautiful photos and life experiences gave us a glimpse of another life and culture. The awe-inspiring, architectural designs of buildings in Dubai and the grandiose décor spoke of a great wealth, a little foreign to us in Australia.

Judy was fortunate enough to be welcomed into the lives of those she worked with, and experienced ceremonies such as weddings, special birthdays and holiday celebrations. Dubai for Judy became a base for exploring many other countries and cultures around the world.

Each year she was given a trip home to spend time with family. Judy has been one of the most enthralling speakers Probus has been fortunate enough to listen to. We are thankful she was so ready to share her travels with us all so early in her Probus life!

Coffee mornings and dine-outs are always popular with Probus members. Last month saw 33 enjoy lunch and fellowship at the Down Towner in Warragul. Coffee mornings were also well attended, with 19 at Coffee Life on the second Thursday and 14 at Gracie’s on the fourth Thursday of the month at 10.30am. This is a great way to really get to know fellow Probians in a smaller setting, and for new or interested people to find out what Probus is all about.

Our Probus Garden Club ventured to Morwell to the home of one of our newer members, Trish Ryan.

Trish has really enveloped Probus, taking on the role of kitchen supervisor, organising delicious morning teas at our meetings, and now this year, taking on the extra role as garden club leader. Twenty-two members enjoyed the visit to her garden, with plants inside and outside. She has created an eclectic wonderland with hidden features, garden ornaments and treasures dotted throughout the pathways, water features and numerous flowering plants that make up her garden. Truly a work of love.

Probus would like to congratulate the two Trafalgar residents Glenys Ralls and Bob Moss, who were awarded dual citizens of the year on Australia Day, for the enormous amount of time they have given to community projects as volunteers over many years. Both are Probus members and have worked as committee members, so they are certainly busy people. Well done, our club is proud of you.

This month is our big month.We celebrate 30 years of Trafalgar District Probus in our area!

Please phone secretary John Attwell on 0419701331 or any Probus club member if you are interested in joining, You will be very welcome.

Photos captions

  1. Julie Phillips and Jan Rhodes at a probus dine-out at the Down Towner, Warragul.
  2. Wayne Butterworth and Olwyn Vitale.
  3. Liz Bowley and Tina Phipps.
  4. New member speaker Judy Bishop being welcomed by president Maggie Attwell.
  5. Glenys Ralls and Bob Moss, Trafalgar Citizens of the Year and Probus members.
  6. Morning tea at Gracie’s.
  7. Garden club at the home of Trish Ryan.