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Make new friends at the men’s shed


Thinking of joining the Trafalgar Men’s Shed and would like to know what goes on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am to 4pm?
Well please keep reading and we will endeavour to give you some idea.
The main purpose of men’s sheds is to provide for the health and well-being of the men attending the shed. Assisting to reduce the social loneliness, isolation and depression caused through unemployment, retrenchment, retirement or other life changing conditions.
Sheds provide a safe and friendly environment where men can talk, learn new skills and be part of a bigger community and be involved in meaningful activities and projects.
We have two members John Aldrich (life member) and Frank Gridley; both are well into their 80s and have had health issues recently, but they attend the shed regularly and are always actively involved in what is going on.
John has just completed a sign for a Yarragon sporting club using letter stencils and a router. Frank was always helping with projects and attended the Bunnings sausage sizzles to lend support, but owing to age and health issues has eased back. However, Frank still finds a way to participate by running the lotto syndicate, managing the waste disposal and is always up for a chat in the dining room. The character and endeavour of these two blokes is the epitome of what the shed is about.
Our membership fee is $60 for the period July 1 to June 30. A pro-rata annual fee does apply based on the remainder of the financial year. The fee is necessary to cover the cost of insurance while you are in attendance in case of need.
Being a member gives you the right to attend meetings, vote and be heard. Also, a daily attendance fee of $2 will cover the cost of tea, coffee and biscuits consumed during the day.
You can participate in woodwork and metal work projects; small engine repair and the internet is available. If you are not computer literate this is a great opportunity to ‘Be Connected’. This is a federal government program aimed at increasing the confidence and skills and online safety of older Australians when using the internet. There are blokes here willing to help.
Come along Monday, Wednesday or Fridays between 9am and 4pm for a visit, and we guarantee a friendly welcome.
The president, Corrie Koppen, will give you a tour of the premises and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you at the Trafalgar Men’s Shed.
We are in Wellington Street next to the community gardens.

Ring Corrie Koppen on 0458 674 450 for further information.