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Contingent Street businesses upset with unannounced street closure


“We’ve turned up to open up our shops and both ends were blocked off,” Nicole Grey, owner of café Eat Live Fresh said. “For three hours I had staff on I didn’t need, fresh food all prepped up ready to go and no traffic. No foot traffic, nothing.”
The quote above was published in the Warragul Gazette April 2 which went on to add:
Sarah Jenkins, owner of Jenkins Home Hardware, said while the footpaths were still open, many people were unaware of that fact. “Business could have happened, the footpaths weren’t closed, but people didn’t know that.” she said.
Ms Grey said with proper notification businesses on the street “Could have informed our customers that they can park somewhere else and pop in and that they can access the shop just fine.”
The lack of communication was the most frustrating aspect of the incident, both owners said. “We’re not upset at the roadworks. The roads needed resurfacing and that’s great but we expect communication so that we can do things to minimise that disruption,”
Ms. Jenkins said.
Two weeks on and Traf District News spoke to a Contingent Street business owner to find out what went wrong.
Council said it was a Vicroads responsibility and not a council issue. Vicroads contracted local company, Fowlers Asphalting and Fowlers subcontracted the work to another company.
“A woman from the asphalting company turned up and said all the parked cars in Contingent Street had to be moved to allow for resurfacing. This was news to us.
“Supposedly, we were all notified but none of the businesses in Contingent Street received any notification. It is difficult to quantify the loss to business but Baw Baw Council has subsequently said a claim for loss of income is a possibility.”

It didn’t get any better some days later when the line markers turned up and closed off the street without proceeding. “It was too cold for the paint to dry on one day and too wet on another.” he told Traf District News. Trafalgar Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be seeking further clarification.