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It is a myth that lawn bowls is a game for the elderly. Although that demographic is well represented at most clubs, younger people are now playing the game at clubs across Australia.

Trafalgar’s Ian Miles explained that the average age of the Australian female bowls squad is twenty seven. The average age of Australia’s national cricket team is thirty one.

Lincoln Fraser (left) is nine and this is his first season.

Kyen Jenkins (right) is almost a bowls veteran by comparison and at sixteen Kyen has made the B Grade Finals and is currently playing in Division 1 for Trafalgar.

Lincoln followed his dad’s example, who was an early starter, and Kyen told us his Grandfather Billie introduced him to the sport a couple of years ago. Kyen plays a lot of other sport and makes the point that there is a lot to like about bowls, not the least being that you don’t have to run.

Both these young players show a lot of promise and many more young players are welcome at Trafalgar and other clubs in the district.

If you would like to chance your arm, the club invites anyone and everyone to have a roll on Wednesday evenings during the summer months. It is an opportunity to have some fun in a relaxed environment and enjoy a free sausage sizzle. The bar will be open.

A sign at the door says: ‘There are no strangers here, just people you haven’t met’ and they mean it, so you will be made to feel very welcome. Starts 5:30.

Trafalgar Bowls Club is at Seven Mile Road.

Top: Nine year old Lincoln Fraser shows his style
Bottom: Kyen Jenkins, 16, playing B Grade Finals and Division 1