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Police Report


King’s birthday long weekend traffic operation. 

Operation Regal commenced Friday June 7 for the King’s Birthday long weekend and was a critical focus for all police. 

Across Victoria 122 lives have been lost on our roads this year, with 47 of them in Eastern Region. Additionally, many, many more people have been seriously injured. 

Every life lost or serious injury incurred is a tragedy and has a huge impact on the health and wellbeing of our community, especially the families and friends of those lost; and to our police colleagues who respond to and deal with the trauma. 

Over the weekend, all police focused on enforcing the factors that lead to trauma on our roads including speed, drink and drug driving, fatigue and mobile phone use. 

All police do a fantastic job, however, road safety is everyone’s responsibility. If we all take time and drive to conditions as well as the road rules, we will all contribute to lowering the impact of deaths and injuries on our roads. 

Please stay safe and drive safely. 


Did you know the Baw Baw Police Service has an EYEWATCH page? 

I ask you to please ‘like’ this page on their account so that the articles will appear on your social media feed. 

Articles help local police with investigations where the community can help solve crime and help locate any missing people. Other articles are public interest and good work done by police and community. 

Community assistance is much appreciated. You can call Trafalgar police or crime stoppers with any information 1800 333 000. 


KNOW YOUR NEIGHBOUR- I recommend that the community take time to swap contact details with their neighbours. Speak with them about security issues, take time to tell them when you’re at work or on holidays. This approach can be very productive in having another set of eyes watch over things and alert any suspicious behaviour. It is amazing how many of us just don’t communicate with our neighbours. Look out for each other. Elderly people especially require contact and that little bit of extra concern. 

ENGRAVE VALUABLES – Mark all your valuable items with identifying symbols or words. Any item can be marked and if it becomes lost or stolen it can be easily identifiable to the police. Farm machinery, big ticket items like motorbikes, boats, jet skis etc., once marked in a secret location can be identified for life. Keep one step ahead of the crooks. Marking can help identify any property that may be recovered later down the track. Even a scratch in a strategic location can assist with identifying people’s property at a later date. 

RECORDS/LOGS/PHOTOS – Any item that is owned should be logged on the computer or diary listing serial numbers. If possible take photographs of those possessions you value. These measures are great for identifying property lost or stolen. Serial numbers and warranty cards etc., can be photographed and stored for possible value later on if lost or stolen. 

If anyone out there wants assistance with a security check feel free to contact the station via phone or email and we are happy to assist. We can attend if available to conduct the checks. 


Chris NOTT, Acting Senior Sergeant 36262. Warragul Police Station | Victoria Police. Eastern Region Division 5 | Baw Baw PSA. email: chris.nott@police. | phone: (03) 5622 7100. Address: 37 Palmerstone Street, Warragul Vic 3820 | Mob 0467 853 899