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Traf Citizens of the year 


Pat Tatterson is the recipient of Trafalgar ‘s 2024 Citizen of the Year Award. She has served the Trafalgar community for over 60 years and she has done so in a number of different roles.
She has been a nurse at the Warragul Hospital for 40 years, then worked at Andrews House, Trafalgar caring for the local elderly. Over these years Patricia demonstrated considerable care and compassion to those under her care.

Pat has been a member of the Trafalgar Fire Brigade for 53 years. When she joined the brigade, women were not allowed to fight fires and so she became a member of Trafalgar Fire Brigade Auxiliary.
She was awarded a life membership for her dedication and ongoing service. During her time with the brigade, Patricia held the roles of president, secretary and treasurer.

Pat is a member of Trafalgar Bowls Club and has played bowls for 30 years. In 2017 she won the ladies championship. She assists with Bingo on a Tuesday evening, manages the kitchen, has been a selector for the pennant teams and is a board member at the club.

Pat joined Trafalgar Lions Club in 2014 and became secretary in 2017 until 2021. She was appointed Secretary again in 2023.

She assists in BBQs, cutting, stacking, bagging and selling wood, selling Christmas raffle tickets and oversees the Junior Public Speaking every year.

The latter role involves traveling to local schools and in all requires eight months to complete. This year alone the program engaged five local schools and 75 individual students.

Pat also mentors students from Trafalgar High School and has done so for the past five years.
She meets with students every Monday night, providing a listening ear and a positive interaction with the local youth.

Pat also is a member of Trafalgar Thorpdale RSL sub-branch, and assists with the selling of products for Anzac Day fundraising. Her father served in World War II, and she is proud of all who served for our country.

When asked about her community involvement via the various community groups, Patricia stated; “I feel proud that I am helping them all to exist and that we are helping so many people.

“I am very proud to have received the award. I didn’t expect to get anything like this.”

Patricia is a most worthy recipient of the Trafalgar Citizen of the Year Award and we thank her for her services over the past 60 years.

Vanessa Hornby is the recipient of Trafalgar’s 2024 Young Citizen of the Year Award.

Vanessa started as a Youth Scout in 2018 and progressed to the Venturer Scouts. As a scout she was awarded the Peak Award for the age group, the Australian Scout Medallion. Vanessa also designed the OZ Venturer Victorian Contingent shirt.

In 2023, Vanessa returned to scouting as an adult volunteer. She now serves as a leader at 1st Trafalgar Scouting Group assisting groups from the Joey Scouts aged five to seven years, Cubs Scouts aged seven to 11, Scouts aged 11 to 15 and Venturer Scouts aged 15 to 18 years.

Attending RMIT University in Melbourne, Vanessa travels back and forwards from Melbourne to Trafalgar to support the local scouts group. In the 2023 Term 3 holidays Vanessa spent a week in the Dandenong Ranges with the Trafalgar Cubs Scouts, as well as their peers from Newborough and Leongatha as part of a state-wide event.

Vanessa has become a trained Participant – Bushwalking Tracked Environments so that she can take local scouts on hikes across the state and has been part of the hundreds of scouting youth who represent the inclusivity of scouting at the Midsummer Pride March.

In addition to her impressive contribution to 1st Trafalgar Scouting group, Vanessa also participated in a number of creative programs involving both the visual arts and music during her time as a student at Trafalgar High School.

During the COVID lockdown years, she was a strong contributor to not only the online learning but also online social programs run by the school. Vanessa also won the VCE Units 3 and 4 Visual Design subject award for the top score in the class in 2021.

Vanessa has participated in Warragul Youth Theatre productions as both cast and off stage support.

“I am so honoured and delighted to be the recipient of this award, said Vanessa
“Being a role model to young people through my involvement in Scouting is so fulfilling and brings me so much joy. “I love being able to make a positive impact on the Trafalgar community.”